Handshake Marketing Toolkit

Resources to promote Handshake and engage more students

Introduce Handshake to Students

Intro presentations

Use these slide decks to provide information to your students about how (and why) to use Handshake to launch their career.

Intro videos

Post, email, or share these videos to show how students use Handshake

Intro printouts

Print and share these leaflets to spread Handshake awareness across campus

Intro blog posts

Share these blog posts to students and faculty alike to spread Handshake awareness and to help students get up and running

Product Tips for Students

Get started printable guides

Distribute these quick-start guides to set up students for success on Handshake

Job search printable guides

Once students understand the basics, distribute these flyers to help them benefit from from all that Handshake has to offer

How-to online demos

Step-by-step guidance on using and optimizing certain features on Handshake

Using Handshake blog posts

Find and share even more information about every Handshake feature on the “Using Handshake” section of our student blog

Promotional Material

Ready-to-use promotional materials

Prebuilt materials to help you promote Handshake on campus and virtually

DIY promotional materials

Templates, assets, and resources to use when creating your own customized Handshake promotional materials

Additional blog content

Handshake's blog goes beyond highlighting product features—share tips on conducting a virtual career search, highlight student success stories, and more.

Marketing Tips for Career Centers

Student marketing playbook

A step-by-step guide on how to activate & engage students remotely using the resources provided in this toolkit

Best practices to engage students

We've compiled tips from our higher education partners to make your job easier